Chattanooga Health Fair

Thank you Volkswagen and all of our amazing volunteers for making our Chattanooga Health Fair such a success. We are all about boots on the ground!

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Sevier County Health Fair

We were so honored to be able to provide aid for the wildfire victims. Thank you to our 70 incredible healthcare professionals who volunteered!

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Belmont Healthcare Symposium

Thank you to all the healthcare leaders and major employers of Tennessee for making our Symposium a success! Improvement in the health of our citizens is pivotal to creating a warm entrepreneurial climate in Tennessee.

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Knoxville Health Fair

We were so proud to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank and UnitedHealthcare at our October 29th Knoxville Health Fair! We screened more than 500 patients. We couldn't do this without our incredible volunteers from the Nashville area and UT Nursing. We could not do what we do without the power of the community

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Smyrna Military Appreciation Health Fair

We had the best time providing health screenings for the military and first responders in Smyrna, TN. Thank you for all you do!

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Healthy Tennessee

Click to learn more about how we are trying to improve access to preventative healthcare across the state of Tennessee.

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Healthy TN in Action!

We affect positive health changes by offering Health Fairs across the state of Tennessee! Click below to see a VIDEO of us in action!

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Healthy Tips for All

Read some of our Preventive Health Care Tips.

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Have a Health Question?

Ask Dr. Manny!

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Healthy Tennessee Visits Across the State – Coming Soon to You!

We are steadily making our way throughout the state! Keep an eye out for our Health Fairs!

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Find the Best Exercises to Help Aging Muscles

March 23, 2017

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles  “The toll that aging takes on a body extends all the way down to the cellular level. But the damage accrued by cells in older muscles is especially severe, because they do not regenerate easily and they become weaker as their mitochondria, which produce energy, diminish in vigor and number. A study published this month in Cell Metabolism, however, suggests that certain sorts of workouts may undo some of what the years can do to our mitochondria. Exercise is good for people, as everyone knows. But scientists have surprisingly little understanding of its cellular… [Read More]

Weekly Health Spotlight: Get Healthier This Spring

March 16, 2017

Spring-Cleaning: What’s Working (Or Not) In Your Fitness Routine? “Spring is in the air, and all across the nation people are weeding through closets, kitchens and garages, resulting in hauls to Goodwill, curbside freebies and overflowing trash cans. In other words, the big spring clean — in with the new and out with the old — is on. So how might this ubiquitous wish to clean and improve translate to your health and fitness? Inventory Jenny DeMarco, a Washington-area personal trainer (, suggests doing an inventory of what works and what doesn’t in your health and fitness routine (or lack… [Read More]

Learn About Some Natural Alternatives to Sugar

March 07, 2017

Five Natural Alternatives to Sugar “Have you noticed just how many foods at your local market are now labeled “natural”? According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 73% of shoppers seek out labels with this term (despite the fact that there’s no FDA standard to define it). All of this means that artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup are out — and a whole slew of natural alternatives have popped up in their place. Some are old-school favorites, like maple syrup; while others, like coconut sugar, are derived from familiar foods. Here’s the lowdown on five such sweeteners —… [Read More]

Weekly Health Spotlight: March is National Nutrition Month

March 02, 2017

MyPlate is Here for You During national Nutrition Month  “Join MyPlate this spring in celebrating our favorite topic: nutrition! Whether you are a dietitian, educator, parent, or someone who is just trying to eat a bit better, has resources to help you achieve your healthy eating goals this month, and all year long. ..”

Know Your Superbugs

February 27, 2017

These 12 Superbugs Pose the Greatest Threat to Human Health, WHO Says “The World Health Organization announced its first list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens” on Monday, detailing 12 families of bacteria that agency experts say pose the greatest threat to human health and kill millions of people every year. The list is divided into three categories, prioritized by the urgency of the need for new antibiotics. The purpose is to guide and promote research and development of new drugs, officials said. Most of the pathogens are among the nearly two dozen antibiotic-resistant microbes that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and… [Read More]