Upcoming Health Fair: Chattanooga

Come join us at our next health fair on Saturday March 18th! We'll be partnering with Volkswagen to provide aid to the citizens of Southeast Tennessee.

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Sevier County Health Fair

We were so honored to be able to provide aid for the wildfire victims. Thank you to our 70 incredible healthcare professionals who volunteered!

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Knoxville Health Fair

We were so proud to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank and UnitedHealthcare at our October 29th Knoxville Health Fair! We screened more than 500 patients. We couldn't do this without our incredible volunteers from the Nashville area and UT Nursing. We could not do what we do without the power of the community

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Smyrna Military Appreciation Health Fair

We had the best time providing health screenings for the military and first responders in Smyrna, TN. Thank you for all you do!

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Healthy Tennessee

Click to learn more about how we are trying to improve access to preventative healthcare across the state of Tennessee.

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Healthy TN in Action!

We affect positive health changes by offering Health Fairs across the state of Tennessee! Click below to see a VIDEO of us in action!

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Healthy Tips for All

Read some of our Preventive Health Care Tips.

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Have a Health Question?

Ask Dr. Manny!

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Healthy Tennessee Visits Across the State – Coming Soon to You!

We are steadily making our way throughout the state! Keep an eye out for our Health Fairs!

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Weekly Health Spotlight: Eating Fruits and Vegetables Can Prolong Life

February 23, 2017

Fruit and veg: For a Longer Life Eat 10-a-day “Eating loads of fruit and vegetables – 10 portions a day – may give us longer lives, say researchers. The study, by Imperial College London, calculated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year. The team also identified specific fruit and veg that reduced the risk of cancer and heart disease. The analysis showed even small amounts had a health boon, but more is even better. A portion counts as 80g (3oz) of fruit or veg – the equivalent of a small banana, a pear or three heaped… [Read More]

Some “Healthy” Foods Are Not All That Healthy

February 16, 2017

These “Health Foods” May Be Bad For You “The yearly churn of new foods and their marketing campaigns often come with promises of great taste and immense health benefits. But beware, not all foods pitched to you as health-wise deliver on that promise. In fact, you could be doing more harm than good. Here are some food experts found are portrayed as good for you, but really aren’t..”  

Weekly Health Spotlight: Stay Away from Bright Lights Late at Night

February 13, 2017

Light at Night may Disrupt Sleep and Health “These are among the darkest days of the year — or they would be, if we lived like our ancestors, with nothing but the stars and moon to light our way between sunset and sunrise. Instead, most of us live in cities and towns illuminated by street lights and in homes lit by lamps, ceiling fixtures, cell phones, tablets, computers and TV sets. For the 15 million Americans who work night shifts, the lights stay on all night. All that artificial brightness has benefits. We can read our e-books, post on Facebook or… [Read More]

Weekly Health Spotlight: February Marks American Heart Month

February 02, 2017

Strong Men Put Their Heart Health First “The perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is the gift of heart health. Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks American Heart Month, a great time to commit to a healthy lifestyle and make small changes that can lead to a lifetime of heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women.1 While Americans of all backgrounds can be at risk for heart disease, African American men, especially those who live in the southeast region of the United States, are at the highest risk for heart disease.2 Additionally, more than… [Read More]

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Deter You From Getting Your Exercise!

January 30, 2017

Ways to Stay Active in Winter “Adults should get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day — even in the depths of winter, a leading group of dietary and nutrition professionals advises. And children should get at least an hour of daily exercise, whatever the weather, the experts at the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics added. If the ground is covered in ice or snow, however, outdoor activities like jogging or biking can be difficult, or even dangerous. But cold weather isn’t an excuse for inactivity, the academy said in a news release. There are several ways… [Read More]