Weekly Health Spotlight: World Health Organization Urges a Focus on Adolescent Health

May 19, 2017

WHO Says Time to Stop Ignoring Adolescent Health  “The World Health Organization has delivered dramatic news about the causes of death for young people the world over. Governments and health agencies have made great strides in reducing deaths of young children through immunization and programs that address maternal and infant care. But adolescents have somehow fallen through the cracks. Dr. Anthony Costello, director of WHO’s Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health told VOA, ‘We’re finding 1.2 million (adolescents) die each year. That’s 3,000 deaths a day. That’s 10 jumbo jets.’ What’s more, Costello says these deaths are largely… [Read More]

Be Aware of Problematic Mental Health Symptoms

May 09, 2017

Five Signs You Might Be Experiencing a Mental Health Problem “The continuing stigma and lack of awareness surrounding the vast spectrum of mental health problems mean often people are not aware of the symptoms of even some of the most common disorders like depression and anxiety. This week it is mental health awareness week which means thinking of and considering the mental health of both yourself and those around you. Run by the Mental Health Foundation, this year the focus is on good mental health and why many people do in the UK do not have that. A recent study… [Read More]