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"Healthy Tennessee is committed to making Tennessee the #1 healthiest state in the south."

Throughout the last decade, Tennessee has consistently found itself in the bottom third of all states in terms of the health of its citizens.  Not an enviable position to be in and certainly not an achievement to be proud of.

Recent statistics show that 13% of the adults in Tennessee have diabetes, 34% are obese, and almost 39% of the adult population in Tennessee has high blood pressure.  Surely we can do better, but the statistics speak for themselves and the people of Tennessee face daunting threats to health and wellness.  This in turn also creates problems in educating our children leading to a potential economic crisis in the future.

For decades healthcare experts have weighed in on the multitude of challenges people across the state encounter in obtaining healthcare.  One thing is for certain, Tennesseans who live in rural communities face overwhelming obstacles to obtaining healthcare.  Even if citizens in the rural towns of Tennessee have healthcare insurance, although most do not, often times they must travel long distances to receive care.
So what is the answer?  Preventive healthcare access.

Healthy Tennessee is a non-profit organization that provides health education and community training opportunities through health fairs to improve the lives of Tennesseans. An easy access web-site location offers individuals the chance to study current health care prevention tips, review state and national articles concerning in-depth research on nutrition, as well as information on how to implement health fairs in communities across Tennessee.

Dr. Manny Sethi and his wife Maya founded Healthy Tennessee in 2011 and ever since have been implementing a plan to help make Tennessee an even better place to live.  Dr. Manny personally travels to communities conducting health care fairs in partnership with local officials in order to enhance awareness and promote a healthier Tennessee.

The top goal of Healthy Tennessee is to ensure that Tennessee becomes 1st in the south for a healthier state.  Tennessee is currently ranked 45th nationally and has miles to travel in order to reach its goal.  Healthy Tennessee intends on focusing all of its efforts on health care prevention to gain better results for generations to come. By partnering with UnitedHealth, Amerigroup, and BlueCare, Healthy Tennessee has hosted health fairs across the state, including the Jackson and Chattanooga areas.

Nothing can be more important than improving the health of Tennesseans.  Join Healthy Tennessee in this cause and help create a future full of success for generations to come.